Our Philosophy

December 15, 2015

What you resist persists. What you embrace resolves.

– Carl Gustav Jung

Can you think of any business case where it makes sense to sue your customers? Sounds like the exact opposite of customer service, right? Sadly, this is exactly the business model many labels have taken towards music fans who share music online. To make matters worse, most fans on the receiving end of these lawsuits mistakenly think it’s the artist themselves responsible for the litigation. Dating back as far as 1999 with attacks against Napster, this “us-versus-them” attitude has further pushed fans away from legitimate sources of music and towards P2P file sharing.

At its core, the litigious approach is a failure of imagination. Many people in the music industry have failed to realize that the core motivation of downloaders is simply that they want to hear the music. They are downloading because they are fans!

Sure, we can call these fans “pirates” and try to conjure up images of pillagers and barbarians — but at the end of the day, it’s just a person who wants to enjoy your music because they have a love for your art. Some may dislike the labels or believe that everyone in the music business is rich, giving them the mistaken impression that they are some kind of modern Robin Hood. But they have also been known to jump at the opportunity to send funds directly to artists when they know there won’t be a middle man taking the lion’s share.

Back in the mid-2000’s, this concept got our Founder and CEO Tommy Funderburk brainstorming how artists could use P2P downloading, and the massive amount of data out there on the Internet to the artist’s advantage. Instead of resisting file sharing platforms, he wanted to create a bridge for content creators to capitalize on their fan’s interest and convert them into paying listeners in a fun, friendly and inclusive way.

Muzit Platform - Geolocation

Example of Muzit’s TRACE Platform, used to trace and review torrenting information.

Today, Muzit’s technology does just that. Fans are sharing 100’s of millions of files across P2P networks every day. Muzit helps artists connect with these fans, so they can reach out with an array of marketing offers, from exclusive merchandise, to contests, to VIP passes, and even early-access content. Muzit’s dashboard allows them to see exactly where pools of fans are located around the globe to bring a tour to the hottest fan locations.

Speaking of touring, artists can also use Muzit to reach out to fans in certain areas and offer them tickets to nearby shows to increase ticket sales. Or, they can simply use Muzit to message fans, building their email and social media network outreach.

Ultimately, our goal at Muzit is to bring artists and fans closer together, building close relationships and thereby sending more revenue directly to artists themselves.

These 100’s of millions of file-sharers are fans not foes. So let’s use that data to embrace rather than resist them. Let’s use the power of the Internet to meet them where they are, interact with them, and bring them into the fold.

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