Muzit Launches TRACE Marketing Platform to Help Artists Monetize Peer to Peer Music Sharing

December 31, 2015

Muzit service uses big data to connect Richie Sambora, The Mavericks and others directly with new fans.

January 5, 2016 – Santa Monica, CA – As artists continue to struggle with declining revenues from digital music sales, streaming services and ad based subscription models, Muzit announced the release of the TRACE™ Marketing Platform, the first fan and artist friendly platform to monetize peer to peer file sharing (P2P). Founded by music industry veteran Tommy Funderburk, the TRACE platform taps P2P and other pools of data to connect artists directly to fans, giving fans early access to content and merchandise and giving artists a direct channel to monetize their work. In early testing, Muzit TRACE has identified over 200 million downloads from around the world and provided Grammy Award-winning The Mavericks with success in reaching new fans.


Raul Malo, leader of The Mavericks put it like this: “We were blown away. We had no idea we had this whole other world of fans sharing our music on P2P. It works and it sure beats the hell out of an email sign up sheet at the door!”


Muzit offers copyright owners a completely new way to build direct relationships with the world’s largest online community of fans. Muzit TRACE has already discovered tens of millions of fans across the world ready to be connected with artists. In addition to The Mavericks, other artists including Richie Sambora and Todd Wright Business Management Group, representing artists including Isaac Hayes and James Brown, are early adopters of the TRACE platform. Muzit TRACE uses multiple marketing channels to connect artists directly with those fans to promote concerts, merchandise, and content. In addition, TRACE’s ability to show artists where their fans are located provides business intelligence around activities like tour planning and market spend.

“Muzit was created to be an artist and fan friendly alternative to existing ‘anti-piracy’ efforts,” said Funderburk, CEO of Muzit. “We’re copyright owners ourselves. We’ve actually lived the impact unauthorized downloading has had on the music business. But we also know the relationship between artists and their fans is sacrosanct. No artist wants to be a part of any effort that alienates their fans.”


Funderburk speaks from experience. A respected recording artist, songwriter and music producer for RCA, BMG, MCA, Polydor and Pioneer music labels, Tommy has also performed on hundreds of recordings including many international and Grammy Award-winning hits by artists as diverse as Jimmy Page, Celine Dion, Boston, David Foster, Whitesnake, Andrae Crouch and the legendary Spinal Tap!


By using TRACE to connect artists with their P2P fans, Muzit is working to reinvigorate music commerce and help artists build more financially sustainable careers. “Muzit was created by artists for artists,” continues Funderburk. “It’s the first positive solution that actually grows and monetizes an artist’s fan base so they can continue to create great music.”


About Muzit


Founded by artists, for artists, Muzit is a big data company dedicated to helping content providers build positive relationships with their fans. Based in Santa Monica, California, Muzit enables artists to leverage their copyrights into a marketing machine that increases fan satisfaction while increasing monetization.


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