TRACE Report: April 2016

June 8, 2016

April was an interesting month as we saw the birth of a new trend – streaming exclusives.

In March, Kanye West created a surge of torrenting due to his Tidal streaming exclusive. While it was short-lived, and eventually brought onto other streaming platforms, Muzit’s TRACE report saw a 129% increase in Kanye’s torrent numbers in one month, bringing his total number of super fans actively sharing and downloading his music to 437,627.
This was also echoed this month through exclusives from Drake and Beyonce.

Beyonce’s Lemonade

Beyonce released her latest album, Lemonade, on Tidal only. Naturally, non-Tidal subscribers flocked to torrents to download her latest. While Lemonade was released in the last weekend of April, it still brought in over 129,000 people torrenting her work.

We will be continuing to monitor Lemonade’s torrents through May.

Unlike Kanye West, who eventually released his music on all streaming outlets, Beyonce has yet to venture into Spotify and Apple Music, forcing non-Tidal subscribers to purchase or torrent the album.

Prince’s Torrenting Activity

While Prince was notoriously protective of his music, and quite outspoken on file-sharing, and streaming. Most of his music is only found for sale, or on Tidal. Upon his passing in late April, Muzit saw an increase of 250% in his torrenting behavior, which had steadily increased since then into May. For him this rose the number of superfans to 124,621. An increase of nearly 124,000 fans in one month.

How Each Can Benefit from Muzit

If using Muzit’s TRACE platform, instead of writing off torrenting as a loss, they can interact with torrenting fans, messaging them to leverage ticket sales for tours, merchandise or even asking for some form of donation.

Torrenting is an active community, and has remained a constant form of consumption for fans. So, instead of looking to sue fans, artists can capitalize on marketing and converting this community.