Big Data – Identifying audience based on media consumption
Big Data – Identifying audience based on media consumption


Establish a long-term relationship with fans and data companies

Rather than following the common strategy of using data to sue the millions of Internet users who download music, movies, books, and other digital content through thousands of P2P networks, Muzit believes many of these individuals are fans and potential customers.

What we’ve known for years is now being confirmed by industry leaders like Neilson, who reports “P2P file sharers are highly motivated fans of artists, movies, games, TV shows and more. These ‘Digital Super Fans” continue to want new, memorable experiences which connect them with specific entertainment events.”  

Muzit’s big data analytics platform captures explicit preferences and geographical locations of P2P fans in music, movies, television and other digital media. By understanding these explicit preferences and geographical locations, media professionals can geo target their marketing campaigns with laser focused accuracy, more efficiently plan tours and festivals, merchandise strategies, album, movie and video launches to maximize revenue.