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Muzit is both a big data solution and a disruptor to the way the entertainment industry has treated the world’s largest distribution channel – Peer to Peer file sharing.  Conceived by copyright owners, industry insiders and proven technology industry veterans, Muzit offers artists and other copyright owners the only positive and proven solution to monetize the vast, untapped online P2P file sharing community. Muzit’s proprietary TRACE platform monitors unauthorized global P2P distribution of copyrighted content, processes this data into powerful analytics, enhances this data with artificial intelligence and machine learning and empowers copyright owners to capitalize on this data with effective business decisions.

Muzit’s big data analytics platform identifies the explicit entertainment preferences and geographical locations of millions of P2P fans of music, movies, television and other digital media. By understanding these preferences and the valuable meta data associated with each download, copyright owners and media professionals can now truly know what content drives millions of consumers around the world.  Owners can then use TRACE  to reach millions of new customers via laser targeted marketing campaigns, to more efficiently plan concert tours and  festivals and overall develop customized marketing strategies to maximize new revenue streams from this untapped global community.


Created by artists, for artists, Muzit is the first to Identify, Engage and Monetize Peer to Peer file sharing.


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Tommy Funderburk FOUNDER, CHAIRMAN

– Internationally recognized, multi-platinum Recording Artist and multi-copyright owner

– Founder, CEO of PayArtists, music industry’s first P2P marketing platform

– Founder, CEO of Sovereign Artists, the industry’s first direct to fan online music label – Extensive Industry and Artist relationships


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Greg Titus CEO

– Co-founder Acquisition Labs in 2012 (acq. in 2016)

– CEO of Course Advisor, Inc. (acq. by Washington Post in 2007)

– CEO and President of Acadient/Boston Institute of Finance (acq. in 2004) – SVP and Director of eCommerce at Scudder Kemper Investments

– Co-founder, VP/Director of Arnold Interactive

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– Highly respected, connected entertainment industry executive

– Most recently General Manager, Toby Keith’s multi-platinum label – Show Dog Universal Music

– Previously VP Music, Video and Product Development, NBC

– VP Media Properties, House of Blues – VP Sales and Marketing Capitol Records

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– PhD Mathematical Statistics, Board Member of ASA’s Accreditation

– Expert in categorical data analysis, non-parametric statistics, stochastic processes

– Specializes in the analysis of massive and complex data-sets and mathematical finance

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